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Weighing systems

Visualization and archiving of process weighing


The system is designed for automatic weighing of raw materials as ingredients included weighing production recipes, recipe production can be defined by the operator or other external programs.
It will allow the mixing, lubrication, dosed additional components, and then load the mixed product to the selected tank .
The software can be extended with granulation line handler.
Software visualization and archiving of process weighing, working in the Windows environment will allow for a visual representation of the production process and the current disk archiving of all relevant process parameters and the verification of weighing the commodity code.
Read the procedures of production recipes allow them to be easily define and send it to the drivers weight.

It is a fully distributed system drivers weight can be placed on the control, and I / O modules are placed in different locations of processing plants.


The system is built based on the weight of microprocessor controls with a digital serial interface RS 422 with galvanic isolation.
Mixing technology uses one or more mixing line can handle grain mills and grain lines.

The system may be composed of the following devices:

  • Automatic weight, equipped with an analog output to control the inverter,
  • Additional weight of fat,
  • flow additive dispensers working with flow meters,
  • module temperature measurement sensors Pt100, Pt1000,
  • motor current measurement modules,
  • binary input modules,
  • binary output modules,
  • 5V/10V analog output modules.

The whole system is supervised by visual control computer equipped with serial ports, network card, and two or four LCD monitors.
The use of at least two parallel monitors will display the main picture and video synoptyki additional example: programming weight.

Program visualization and archiving of the weighing process allows you to program all participants in the process of weighing and provides archiving each weighed amounts of each running weight.

Scales can be programmed in the traditional way using the computer keyboard or automatically by reading the recipe for the selected line input mixing, defined using the "Component LNB", the "RecPasz / EdPasz" or the ProMix.

The system can be equipped with a module verification codes suspended material in big bags of dispensers weight, the system can automatically verify the raw code (the code is read barcode reader) and to signal any anomalies.