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Sports Clocks

Clock-Shooting Trainer


Time switch to shooting the ball or pneumatic gun is used to automatically measure the time required in sports and exercise, it can also measure the actual time in the format hh: mm: ss, or measure the time during sporting events (preparation time counted down, or work as a timer counting up time, it can also count the time with the counter counting repetitions Lc).
Clock control is done with the remote control, the clock is equipped with a large (red LED / yellow Electromechanical) digit display (4 ... 8 digits of of 125 ... 250 mm).


Power: 220 .. 230 V, 50 Hz (LED digits), or rechargeable battery operation (electromechanical digits.)
Power consumption max.: 10 VA.
Ambient temperature: 0 .. 50 oC.
Clock Weight: about 3 kg.
Dimensions: eg: 930 x 255 x 90 mm .
Operating position: any.
Max. range of the remote infrastructure.: 14 m (depending on battery 6F22) in the open.
The clock is equipped with a socket for connecting the slave.