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Meters and Controllers

Multi-channel controller/Temperature Meter


Controller/Meter MTP-6 is a six channelmeter equipped with a temperature control functions with temperature setpoint hysteresis (alarm bottom - when the temperature is below the set threshold PrgD and alarm top - when the temperature is higher than the set threshold PrgG), each measuring channel controls two outputs alarm module MOD_WYJ.
The module MOD_WYJ is an assembly of semiconductor  alarm outputs.
PC communication software for an easy way to gauge support and allows for visualization of the measured values ​​on the screen, and data archiving. The set consists of equipment marked with the following symbols: MTP-6 meter/regulator and MOD_WYJ - module alarm outputs.


Number of measurement channels: 6.
The sensor: Pt100, Ni 100 - line 2-wire line resistance correction.
Indication of aperture/short measuring line of the channel.
Measuring range: 0 ... 100 ° C (the possibility of making another range).
Number of digital outputs module MOD_WYJ: 12
Load max. semiconductor outputs: 0.5 A max. ~ 250 V.
Backup Data: Non-volatile memory.
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz.
Total power consumption: < 8 VA.
Ambient temperature range: 0 .. +50 ° C.