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Industrial scales

Processor Weighing WAGA-20


Automatically scales to automatically tare weight and weighing selected components of bulk materials (20 ingredients to choose from max. 35 tanks) with simultaneous control of any emergency situation, such as inaccurate empty weight, mass overflow weighted, metering timeout, etc. The controller allows you to program for each dispenser - tank number from which the material is to be taken. The numbers determine the order of weighing dispensers material in automatic weighing of each tank, and the tank number specifies the location from which the material will be charged.

The use of the analog output allows the inverter with the engine speed control metering, programmable threshold limit engine speed for optimal speed control of the dosage, the minimum threshold programmed engine speed prevents the minimum speed at which the engine is able to achieve the desired torque.

In the version without analog output can be available output to control the speed of dispensing: roughly - exactly.
The procedures and calibration weight set point autocorrection allows accurate weighing of ingredients.
The track mixing and handling editions - allows you to control the mixing of ingredients and hopper tanks.

Communication software for PC control simplifies operation and allows the visualization of the weighing process on the monitor and archive the weighing process, and the definition of manufacturing recipes.

The procedures reading recipes allow you to easily work with programs making up the recipe for the current production, eg: An LNB, ProMix MikroB.

Masterbatch driver PRZEDM-80


The system is composed of max. four controllers are the premix weighing scales W1 ... W4, which work through modems and a master computer system.

The computer system will allow to define or read the recipe specified masterbatch production input max. 80 weighing ingredients and allow to save this recipe to a selected master batch weighing controller.

The driver can manually weighing raw material to an accuracy of 1 g and reading materials are in full bags, each raw material is verified barcode with a barcode reader to read the raw weighing code.

Each weighing record is archived on a computer system in a file intended for the production of masterbatch selected.

Weighing controllers work with the following devices:

  • Metrowag or Radwag electronic scales ,
  • Barcode reader - the codes are read in format FullAscii Code 39,
  • Satel or Techbase radio modems or wired data transfers.

The devices are mounted on a trolley and are powered from 12V battery.

Masterbatch controller features a large backlit LCD display and serial digital interfaces for use with radio modem, weight control and barcode reader.

The system can be equipped with an automatic battery charger power.