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Firing control system

Embrasure Computer cControl System

This system is used to control devices such as shooting equipment:

  • silhouettes of enemy/friend (each figure has its own program of work or shared),
  • transporters TTS-25,
  • target cross,
  • target in an arc,
  • shooting lighting control (the ability to control the brightness of light some lamps),
  • the ability to play music file,
  • opportunity to voice generation.

Control and programming of the system is a portable computer (laptop) equipped with a USB serial output. The computer is connected to a control panel that allows you to wirelessly control the various silhouettes and output modules that support wired ATTS-25 transporters and additional targets.

The use of radio remote control allows you to remotely control the devices selected shooting equipment such as:

  • silhouettes manual control positions Enemy, Neutral, Friend
  • starting/stopping silhouettes control program Start, Stop,
  • TTS-25 transporters control TRIP, BACK,
  • control the operation of the cross or bow Start, Stop,
  • choice of speed to cross or bow SLOW, FAST.

On the turntables enemy/friend to contact with "tebbex" or "tebbex 2" from Zielona Góra.